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From Jeweler to Garbage Collector

Victory Jewellery and Goldsmith Sdn Bhd was incorporated on 3rd October 1990 for the purpose of manufacturing  and retailing of gold ornaments. The idea of expanding downstream in the manufacture of jewellery was mooted by the fact that the country was in dire need of proper waste management particularly in the field of waste recycling and recovery. For the purpose of such activities, the Company's name was hence changed to Victory Recovery Sdn Bhd on 22nd June 2000 and subsequently to Victory Recovery Resources Sdn Bhd (VRRSB) on 2011 as it is known today. 


Making Mother Earth A Friendly Place for the Present and Future Generations to Come

Research & Technology
To Each and Every Waste Generators
Resposible Waste Mangement

We are committed to manage all waste recovery activities with integrity and in a responsible manner; to comply with local laws and regulations and to acquire and maintain all licenses as deemed required to operate all VRRSB activities in a legal manner. 

In this day and age where illegal dumping is rampant, we at VRRSB are committed to ensure all residual waste from our recovery activities are disposed legally but more importantly through our dedication to R&D, to find innovative ways to reduce, reuse and develop new by-products with residual wastes.  

We want to provide an establishment with the best infrastructure managed by people with the right competencies so that waste generators feel assured that VRRSB has what it takes to do the job and to do it right!

With the establishment of VRRSB, we have over the years assisted industries across the country to reduce the significant costs of disposal and reduce the practice of indiscriminate waste dumping into land and water.

VRRSB involvement and commitment to the improvement of scheduled and non-scheduled waste recovery activities have progressed steadily. With 20 years of combined experience in waste management and research, we have developed machinery and equipment capable to optimize the recovery of waste products with increased efficiency, thus fulfilling our commitment to landfill diversion. Our in-house Green Technology has enabled us to further reduce our carbon footprints and operation costs. 

Our continuous improvement in our technology is the backbone and DNA of VRRSB, which puts us heads and shoulders above the rest.

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