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Clause 34B

*extraction from the Environmental Quality Act 1974(ACT 127) and Subsidiary Legislation.




1. No person shall -

a. place, deposit or dispose of, or cause or permit to place, deposit or dispose of, except at prescribed premises only, any scheduled wastes on land or into Malaysian waters;


b. receive or send, or cause or permit to be received or sent any scheduled wastes in or out of Malaysia; or


c. transit or cause or permit the transit of scheduled wastes, without any prior written approval of the Director General.


2. The Director General may grant the written approval either subject to conditions or unconditionally.


3. For purpose of this Act, any act of receiving or sending, or transit of any scheduled wastes with an approval obtained through falsification, misrepresentation or fraud or which does not conform in a material way with the relevant documents in such form as may be prescribed, shall be an offense.


4. Any person who contravenes this section shall be guilty of an offense and shall be liable to a fine not exceeding five hundred thousand ringgit or to imprisonment for a period not exceeding five years or to both.

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